Mitty's Cannabis Cafe offers a variety of hemp infused items including coffee, tea, smoothies, and more, as well as smokable vapes and flower.

Mitty's is locally owned, and is operated by a friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff.

Treat yourself to a one of a kind atmosphere at Mitty's Cannabis Cafe, where you can sit outside by the fire, enjoy free WiFi, and smoke your flower or enjoy your favorite hemp infused products.

Mitty's Cannabis Cafe is conveniently located inside Vigor — Charlotte's largest cannabis retailer and spa, complete with North Carolina's best massage therapists, muscular specialists, and Cannabis experts to answer your questions.

A picture of Mitty's Cafe

Mitty's Cannabis Cafe Hours
M-F 6 AM — 8 PM
Sat 8 AM — 8 PM
Sun 10 AM — 7 PM

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